Professor Sultan Abu-Orabi

08 October 2020

Professor Abu-Orabi graduated from University of Jordan in 1973. In 1977 he obtained his Masters Degree in organic chemistry from Western Michigan University (USA) and in 1982 his PhD from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (USA).

In July 1982, Dr Abu-Orabi started his career at Yarmouk University as assistant professor, he then became visiting professor at Bahrain University between 1989-1990. Followed by; 1990-1993 & 1996-1998, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Saudi Arabia); 2001, Dean of Student Affairs at Yarmouk University; 2002, President of Irbid University (Jordan); 2005, Founder and President of Tafila Techical University; 2009 to 2011, President of Yarmouk University (the second largest university in Jordan); 2011 to 2020 elected as Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities. He was also President of the Jordanian Chemical Society and President of the Arab Union of Chemists.

Dr Abu-Orabi is Editor-in-chief of many international journals, and a member of many editorial boards. He is also Member of Board of Trustees of several local and international universities.

He has participated in and presented lectures at over 250 conferences at regional, national and international levels; organising over 20 national and international conferences in Jordan and Arab Countries as well as organizing and serving on many international advisory boards. He is also a member/acting chair of, the Scientific and Organization Committees of several national and international scientific meetings.

He was awarded Shoman Prize for Young Scientists – Jordan, in 1988; Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship, Germany 1989, 2013 & 2018; “Badge of Honor Medal” presented by the International Scientific Partnership Foundation, Russia, for the Development of Science in Jordan and Arab countries and International Collaboration, 2007; “Jewels of the Muslim World” Award for ‘Top Movers of the Islamic Economics’,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, presented during the 2nd Muslim World Biz Conference; June 2011 was granted Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK); 2017, awarded Honorary Fellowship from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK). In 2018, Dr Abu-Orabi was granted three more honorary doctorate degrees from Bolograd University (Russia), Management and Science University (Malysia) and International Islamic University of Malaysia.

He has published over eighty papers throughout his thirty seven year career, and has supervised and served on examining dissertations for more than seventy MSc and PhD students in Jordan, Arab World, India and Europe.

Professor Abu-Orabi is currently Professor of Chemistry at Yarmouk University (Jordan).