Newton Prize

The Newton Prize (2017-2020) celebrated outstanding international research partnerships between the UK and Newton Fund partner countries. The annual £1 million funding prize enabled international research partners to continue working together to address some of the world’s most pressing health and development issues such as malaria, antimicrobial resistance and climate change.

Women examine artefacts as part of cultural heritage Newton Prize project

Newton Prize funding has been awarded to projects in the following countries:

  • 2017 – India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
  • 2018 – Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico
  • 2019 – China, Indonesia, the Philippines
  • 2020 – Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, Turkey

“The Newton Prize generates some amazingly innovative ideas from many nations in partnership with the UK.

“Proposals cover a wide range of important topics, ranging from how renewable energy will improve village life, how children’s health can be improved, how coastal communities can be protected, how waste can be turned into power, and how we can learn from past human rights violations.”


2020 Committee Member, Professor Dame Jane Francis, Director, British Antarctic Survey

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Newton Fund and GCRF are drawing to a close. The International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF) is a new UK Government fund supporting research and innovation on the major themes of our time: Planet, Health, Tech, Talent. To stay on the Newton-GCRF website click Continue, if you would like to find out more about ISPF click Read more.