Protecting tropical forests with satellite data

The GCRF-funded International Partnership Programme (IPP) is the UK Space Agency's 'space for sustainable development' initiative. It supports climate mitigation and adaptation to global challenges. IPP utilises the UK space sector's capabilities in satellite technology and data services to deliver measurable and sustainable economic, societal and environmental benefits to partner countries and the UK while facilitating new trade opportunities. Since 2016, the programme has enabled 43 projects in 47 partner countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America & Caribbean. IPP projects have benefited around two million people and forecast to benefit over seven million globally. 

Forest 2020 is an IPP investment to help protect and restore up to 300 million hectares of tropical forests. Forest 2020 aims to improve forest monitoring in Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Ghana and Kenya through advanced uses of satellite data. The project has monitored approximately 14 million hectares of forests in Mexico so far and is expected in coming years to have a demonstrable contribution to reductions in deforestation rates. 

Below you can see a visual representation of the impact created by the Forest 2020 project in both English and Spanish. 



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