Bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship in Turkey and the UK

Universities play an important role in developing entrepreneurship-oriented economies that can help drive sustainable economic development. As the line between academia and entrepreneurship becomes increasingly blurred, academic institutions must understand how to capitalise on the new knowledge they produce, for example through intellectual property (IP) rights.

A UK-Turkey research collaboration has trained academics in entrepreneurship and IP, leading to four new start-ups employing 10 people. The project increased understanding and awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation and intellectual property among the academic community in Turkey and created new partnerships and networks, to foster ideas, knowledge exchange and mentoring.

Dr Temel, the project lead, has since been awarded a second Newton Advanced Fellowship (details below) to further develop his work in this area, on lessons for supporting entrepreneurship and trade in universities and innovation intermediaries in both Turkey and the UK.

Dr Temel has also become an invited Executive Group Member of the National Technology Transfer Office as a result of his experience. His work has supported colleagues at Ege University to successfully apply for funding, developing the capacity of Turkey’s research community.

This research was supported by the Newton Fund through British Academy's Newton Advanced Fellowship. Find out more about British Academy funding opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Universities, Innovation and the Role of Technology Transfer Offices in Emerging Economies

Project leads: Dr Serdal Temel, Ege University, Turkey and Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan of the Southampton Business School Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton

Project dates: 30/09/2015 – 29/09/2017

Overcoming Barriers and Developing Best Practice for Supporting Entrepreneurship and Trade in Universities and Innovation Intermediaries: Lessons for Turkey and the UK.

Project leads: Dr Serdal Temel, Ege University, Turkey and Professor Jeremy Howells Kent Business School at the University of Kent

Project dates: 01/03/2018 – 31/01/2020

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