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Stories of change

Learn about the projects we are backing and the people and organisations behind them.

Annual reports

Our annual reports from 2017 demonstrate our approach, our successes, and how we are continuing to learn, develop and improve the Newton Fund and GCRF.

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Gender equality

We invest in international projects and partnerships to reduce gender inequalities and achieve sustainable development.

Latest articles

A new report about UK-funded research into climate change and international development has found the UK committed half a billion pounds (£564.2m) into over 600 research projects on climate change...

23 April 2021

By Francesca Giliberto – Heritage research explores the cultural and natural assets of our planet and our relationship with them. It helps us find and answers to questions and opens new fields...

13 May 2021

The MOBILISE project brings together experts from University of Salford with local agencies...

22 March 2021