Challenge Leaders

The GCRF consortium appointed nine Challenge Leaders to direct portfolios in Global Health, Food Systems, Conflict, Resilience, Education, and Sustainable Cities.

The leaders will ensure that the Fund has the greatest possible impact on global development and move the world closer towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are responsible for the building and success of individual GCRF challenge portfolios and together collectively responsible for maximising the portfolios’ overall research excellence and real-world impact.

The challenge leaders have been appointed to provide strong, intellectual and strategic leadership for each strategic research portfolio and to strengthen coordination across multiple delivery partners. They will draw on the knowledge and experience of the GCRF Strategic Advisory Group as well as the various GCRF groups in the research councils and academies and will seek opportunities beyond GCRF through alignment/integration with the ODA portfolios (for example the Newton Fund) across UK Government and with other funders.

The leaders will strengthen international engagement and promote high-level dialogue with a wide range of international development funders, actors and agencies. They will work closely with the GCRF Hubs and other strategic investments as they come on stream, to ensure a close match between new insights emerging from GCRF researchers and the strategic needs and ambitions of development partners as framed by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Challenges Research Fund

We help UK and international researchers and innovators address the key issues affecting developing countries.

Newton Fund

We build research and innovation partnerships with countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to support social and economic welfare, tackle global challenges and develop talent and careers.