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Report finds half a billion pounds invested since 2015

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Gender equality

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Newton Fund &
Global Challenges Research Fund

We use science, research and innovation to tackle global development challenges

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Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund are managed by the UK's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. They allow researchers and innovators around the world to find lasting solutions to global challenges such as human health, food security and climate change.

Noël N’guessan wins Africa Prize

Chemical Engineer Noël N’guessan has won the 2021 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. A prize founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund. Noël and his team were awarded the prize by a panel of judges on Thursday 8th July 2021 at a live...

9 July 2021

Enhancing the science, research and innovation community across the UK and globally

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How young people in Uganda are living the climate crisis

By Anna Barford and Charles Mankhwazi— Human-driven climate change demands a major collective rethink. The components of this rethink are that we: Really understand the new reality and challenges we face Look closely at the invisible yet powerful connections between individual actions and...

23 July 2021 ClimateGCRFUganda

Supporting global goals

We use UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) to help meet global goals including poverty reduction, gender equality and sustainable cities. By investing in new research and supporting people and their careers, we aim to develop lasting solutions to development challenges around the world.