Lessons Earned

Researchers from Newton Fund and GCRF projects share lessons they have earned through life and work.

Good Development

A series of short informal conversations between the BEIS Chief Scientific Adviser and our climate scientists, researchers and innovators.

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Climate change research

Report finds half a billion pounds invested since 2015

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Newton Fund &
Global Challenges Research Fund

We use science, research and innovation to tackle global development challenges

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Our funds

Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund are managed by the UK's Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology. They allow researchers and innovators around the world to find lasting solutions to global challenges such as human health, food security, and climate change.

Sierra Leone coast

Strengthening forest monitoring capacity in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of only four countries containing Western Guinean lowland forests, an extraordinarily biodiverse yet critically endangered ecoregion. These forests and protected remnants...

8 April 2023

Enhancing the science, research and innovation community across the UK and globally


‘On the shoulders of the women’ – gendered perspectives on research in Jordan and Egypt

Reflections from Sahar Imam, Rania Abu Ramadan, Joanne Rowland and Alzhraa Alkhatib and Iain Stewart. This article draws on a virtual focus group discussion on gender equality between female researchers from Egypt and Jordan. The conversation looked deep beyond the surface on what issues cause...

24 February 2023

Supporting global goals

We use UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) to help meet global goals including poverty reduction, gender equality and sustainable cities. By investing in new research and supporting people and their careers, we aim to develop lasting solutions to development challenges around the world.   

Newton Fund and GCRF are drawing to a close. The International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF) is a new UK Government fund supporting research and innovation on the major themes of our time: Planet, Health, Tech, Talent. To stay on the Newton-GCRF website click Continue, if you would like to find out more about ISPF click Read more.