Climate change research

Report finds half a billion pounds invested since 2015

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Gender equality

Get to know the women leading research and innovation for development...

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Newton Fund &
Global Challenges Research Fund

We use science, research and innovation to tackle global development challenges

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Our funds

Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund are managed by the UK's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. They allow researchers and innovators around the world to find lasting solutions to global challenges such as human health, food security and climate change.

UK Space Agency webinar series open for registration

The UK Space Agency is delivering a series of webinars to promote the capabilities and impact of its GCRF-funded International Partnership Programme. These programmes  use space technology to tackle development challenges around the world. Themes include: Climate...

11 June 2021

Enhancing the science, research and innovation community across the UK and globally

Village leaders during Blue Communities - Philippines' participatory planning workshop

Science and survival with the blue communities of Palawan

By Lota Creencia, Karen Madarcos & Edgar Jose – Palawan is a narrow archipelagic province located southwest of Manila in the Philippines. In 1990, it was declared UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve owing to its globally significant biodiversity. Previously the province was declared the...

Supporting global goals

We use UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) to help meet global goals including poverty reduction, gender equality and sustainable cities. By investing in new research and supporting people and their careers, we aim to develop lasting solutions to development challenges around the world.